VWR MQB Oil Catch Can Kit
VWR MQB Oil Catch Can Kit
VWR MQB Oil Catch Can Kit
VWR MQB Oil Catch Can Kit

VWR MQB Oil Catch Can Kit

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Product # VWR13G700

Not all catch tank kits are created equal. The RacingLine Oil Management System has been specifically designed not only to contain excess and unwanted oil vapour, but also to combat the notorious oil surge issue which can occur under high G cornering.

Retains oil in the engine under excessive braking G-forces. Oil pools at the front of the engine, leading to smoke clouds and ultimately oil starvation.

Keeps your intercooler and inlet tracts clear of oil build-up and provides clean airflow through the inlet manifold.

  • Our catch tank kit is supplied complete with a replacement PCV plate offering easy installation.
  • A built in baffle plate prevents oil surging to the cylinder head and making its way into the intake.
  • Precision machined components utilisingthe latest 5 Axis CNC machines.
  • Our oil lines feature an attractive outer nylon braid strengthened by a stainless steel inner weave for maximum resilience.
  • Not just a tank, but a three way inner division ensures separation of moisture and oil.
  • Racingline fittings are all hand polished before anodising for the ultimate finish and limits the chances of "spanner rash"


**The Golf R will required the installation of a windshield washer remote fill kit (VWR13G700RFK) to keep the ease of filling the windshield washer reservoir.