Stage 3 Turbo Kit
Stage 3 Turbo Kit
Stage 3 Turbo Kit
Stage 3 Turbo Kit

Stage 3 Turbo Kit

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Unleash your 2.0 TSI MQB car with our ultimate upgrade. 

Our OEM+ Stage 3 upgrade offers a complete, turn-key package that is entirely usable on a daily-driven car yet offers devastating performance just one squeeze of the throttle away. Highest quality, intelligently-designed hardware, matched in to our superb OEM+ Performance Software. Reliability comes as standard - fit it, then just enjoy it!

  • The heart of the Stage 3 kit is our significantly re-engineered IS38 turbo - featuring our own turbine wheels and high-spec bearing pack inside.
  • By retaining the housing of the IHI turbo, fitment is simple and cost-effective, reusing the factory oil and coolant lines plus gaskets with no aftermarket connections or adaptors to worry about.
  • Developed and supplied as a full, complete install kit combining our hardware with our matched OEM+ software for a true 'Plug and Play' solution.
  • The result? Expect 480hp, amazing driveability, and on a 4WD DSG car 0-60mph/100kph in around 3 seconds. True supercar performance. 

    For IS20 (smaller turbo) cars such as Golf 7 GTI, expect a power output of 450bhp.

Power gains are sensational. This package is more than capable of delivering over 500bhp - although we have calibrated it to a safer level of 480bhp, confidently leaving plenty in reserve. Drivability and reliability are right up there alongside outright performance. By using the stock IHI housing, a low-lag spool on the turbo and great efficiency ensure power, smoothness ...and even surprising economy. One of the main reassurances of our OEM+ Stage 3 is that all the turbocharger's factory mountings oil lines, even gaskets are retained. No aftermarket fixings, no adaptors, no worries.


Our OEM+ Stage 3 turbo reuses the stock factory IHI turbocharger housing as its basis with massively uprated, re-engineered high-flowing internal componentry.

  • Each turbo is built in the UK, balanced, checked and tested to in excess of its maximum operating speed on a Vane Flow Test Rig
  • Race-spec 360° thrust bearing packs plus increased shaft diameter
  • Complete new CNC machined turbine/ compressor billet wheel
  • Cut-back high flow turbine wheel for higher flow capacity
  • All internal flows inside the housing ported and smoothed to support increased airflow


Why do we calibrate power output to 480bhp when this kit could easily deliver more? It's very simple: that's the level that our research shows is safe for these engines and transmission.

There are of course turbo upgrades out there that promise more power. But just a quick check on the internet will prove our point - that over 500bhp will cause failure unless major engine rework is done first. Simple as that.

  • Tens of thousands of development miles have been run on our test cars around the world (including hard track and drag strip use). It’s reassuring to know that the hardware of our kit will support that sort of output.
  • At this level, all of the supporting hardware is stable and safe, and all of the ECU’s component protection systems are fully operational. OEM+ is offering a safer, reliable, turn-key package at safe peak power levels.
  • With hundreds of RacingLine Stage 3 kits sold around the world, we have had zero engine failures. We've even got one Stage 3 Golf 7R with 96k miles (155k kms) and still going strong.

What's in the kit:

  • Complete Stage 3 IHI turbocharger unit.
  • Fully re-engineered internals
  • RacingLine Stage 3 Turbo 90 Inlet Elbow
  • RacingLine Stage 3 Turbo Muffler Delete
  • RacingLine High Flow Intake Pipe

*Turbo Exchange Program: You will need to provide your supplier with a standard IS38 turbo.  However, as we rework the whole set of internals, this can be in pretty much any condition - we'll even take a failed turbo!

For the smaller IS20 turbo (as used on lower-power 2.0 TSI such as Golf GTI), we cannot exchange.

What else is required?

As well as your OEM+ Stage 3 kit (as above), there are a few other 'must haves' that are important to achieving the power levels.  These are not included in the kit  - as we know that many Stage 2 customers will already have one or all of these fitted that can be retained.  We don't want you spending your money twice!

  • High Flow Cold Air Intake
  • 3'' Downpipe
  • Performance Intercooler
  • High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

Naturally, we recommend our own RacingLine hardware parts listed above to make the power numbers. These are the components that our OEM+ Performance Software calibrations were developed around.  But other-brand products, providing they are high quality alternatives, should support the OEM+ Stage 3 kit just fine.

*Please note that it is essential at Stage 3 power & torque levels to upgrade your clutch (on manual 6-speed cars) or for DSG cars, to install our OEM+ TCU Dynamic Software.