Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit
Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit
Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit

Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit

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Welcome to a global first: a Carbon Ceramic brake kit for the MQB platform. Not only is each disc close to half the weight of the small factory disc, the kit is packed with motorsport-inspired features. Astonishing stopping performance, again and again and again.

The RacingLine Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Monoblock Brake Kit moves braking technology to a level above anything seen before for the MQB platform cars.

We've been intensively testing our CCM upgrade for over a year prior to launch. The result? Simply spectacular resistance to fade, dramatic weight-savings, and long-lasting durability.

  • Our 355mm or 380mm rotor construction interweaves discontinuous carbon fibre to form a 3D multi-directional matrix. Which adds up to great weight savings, performance and durability versus traditional steel brakes
  • With over triple the heat capacity of conventional brakes, the repeatability of the stopping power is exceptional. It's braking unlike any metal rotor kit can deliver
  • Despite this performance capability, our Stage 3+ Carbon Kit is still perfect for daily usage, with good pedal response from cold
  • Each stiff, lightweight Forged Monoblock caliper starts life as a one-piece ultra-strong forged billet, exquisitely finished with a complex 5-axis CNC machining procedure. The 'Forged Monoblock' single-piece construction of our 6-piston aluminium thin-profile calipers give extreme stiffness and light weight, and aid in wheel clearance packaging
  • Despite the size of these discs, they weigh in at nearly half the mass of the (much smaller) factory steel ones. That's a big difference to unsprung weight
  • Fully floating mounting between disc and bell allow for thermal expansion and contraction to avoid cracking or warping. The anti-rattle mounts keep it quiet


**Fitment of the Stage 3+ brake kit on 2.5 TFSI RS3 Sportback/Saloon or TTRS, requires shims between the bearing housing/upright and caliper mounting bracket to centralise the disc between the pad surfaces – failure to do so will cause caliper and rotor damage. Please check with your dealer before fitment.