Propshaft Bearing Alignment Kit
Propshaft Bearing Alignment Kit
Propshaft Bearing Alignment Kit

Propshaft Bearing Alignment Kit

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Our precision-engineered, Propshaft Bearing Alignment Kit centralises the factory centre support bearing carrier by cutting out the enlarged factory hole tolerances. Meaning your propshaft is held in perfect true orientation at all times.

The oversize holes on the factory brackets are designed to allow several degrees of 'twist' on the centre bearing carrier, causing unnecessary long-term stresses on the prop, bushes and bearings. Every hard launch & shift provokes movement in the drivetrain - over time this risks shifting the factory prop mount out of alignment.

This simple alignment kit reduces the bolt hole size down from M14 to M8, allowing no further twist from the brackets and ensuring that your prop cannot move from this position.

Fit this Propshaft Bearing Alignment Kit once, then forget it. Drive your car safe in the knowledge that your propshaft will remain in the correct alignment forever more and prolong the life of the bearings and bushings. 

During our development, we were amazed how many cars were out of alignment from factory!

  • Kit comes with a pair of Alignment Brackets, LH & RH
  • High quality T6061 billet aluminium construction
  • CNC construction, anodised gloss black to last
  • No modification to the car or the bearing carrier is required, so fitment is completely reversible

*Fits For all MQB & MQB Evo AWD models