Power Delivery Module
Power Delivery Module
Power Delivery Module
Power Delivery Module

Power Delivery Module

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The Power Delivery Module allows you to access the full RacingLine Performance Software calibration suite for your car. Quickly and safely reflash your Engine Control Unit (ECU) and DSG Transmission Control Unit (TCU) from the convenience of your own home. 

Power Delivery Module is our latest user option to further enhance your Performance Software experience. PDM is our end-user tool to allow you install the RacingLine calibrations yourself. By purchasing the PDM Tool, you'll get access to exactly the same full Software Suite as your RacingLine Performance Dealer does. But the difference is that the PDM tool allows you to install, remove, upgrade or change your calibration yourself, any time, any where. Of course the PDM tool is not required to enjoy our Performance Software, and won't be everyone's choice. Our expert network of trusted Software Specialists remains on-hand to supply and install your calibration for you if you prefer.

RacingLine’s PCM flashing process couldn’t be easier. The beautiful billet PCM Tool plugs securely into the car’s OBD-2 port, using  your Windows laptop or tablet to access the full suite of RacingLine Performance Software available for your vehicle.The system automatically reads your VIN number and ECU type for instant identification. Select which RacingLine Performance Software calibrations is right for your car’s hardware and fuel grade used. Then quickly and easily re-flash your ECU and/or TCU.

To access this flexible world of home flashing, you’ll need to purchase the PDM Flashing Tool and Cable from a RacingLine Authorised Dealer. Now you have the tool, you will then need to buy the Performance Software itself, in the form of a Digital Access Key for your car. Choose ECU, TCU or a bundle deal for both. Once authorised, the intuitive PDM Install Software will automatically detect your vehicle's ECU and VIN number, and present you with the list of compatible engine ECU and transmission tunes available. Choose your tune, and in a matter of minutes the system will guide you through the process to transform your vehicle’s performance. It couldn’t be simpler. 



Which cars?

PDM isn't available for all ECU types right now. 

We have our three most popular engine types available to work with PDM:

2.0 TSI EA888 gen.4

2.0 TSI EA888 gen.3

2.5 TFSI EA855 EVO


Friends and family interested? Once you have purchased your PDM unit, as it isn’t tied to a specific vehicle VIN, you can then use the tool as many times as you like, on as many different cars as you wish.

Simply get back in touch with your RacingLine Software Dealer, purchase the Performance Software Digital Access Key for the next car, and as soon as it’s authorised you’ll be able to flash that vehicle, plus any previously flashed ones, in exactly the same way via the PDM system.

PDM Kit contents.

  • PCM Tool OBD-II

  • USB-C to USB-C Cable

  • USB-C to USB-A Adapter

  • Robust RacingLine Carrying Case

  • User Credentials (provided via email)


System requirements.

Requirements for Windows-Based End User Flashing:

  • Windows 10/11 Laptop with available USB Port

  • Power supply for laptop

  • Secure Wired (or very stable WiFi) High-Speed Internet Connection

  • Battery Charger, 20AMP minimum 

  • Available electrical outlets



Install Guide:


More information on the PDM:



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