MQB EVO Intercooler & Boost Hoses (Mk8)
MQB EVO Intercooler & Boost Hoses (Mk8)
MQB EVO Intercooler & Boost Hoses (Mk8)
MQB EVO Intercooler & Boost Hoses (Mk8)

MQB EVO Intercooler & Boost Hoses (Mk8)

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Purpose-designed for the 2.0 TSI MQB 'Evo' vehicles, we have taken a no-compromise approach to developing the best performing, largest-volume Performance Intercooler on the market for this platform.

The factory intercooler on the 2.0 TSI MQB 'Evo' has proved to be unable to cope with the demands of higher power, hard driven cars, showing up as serious power losses during hard driving as air temperatures soar.

RacingLine's massive 'plate & bar' Intercooler System is the solution to this problem. It uses a giant 70mm-depth core to give a 96% volume increase over the factory cooler - making it the best performing intercooler upgrade on offer for the 2.0 TSI gen.4. To support the huge volume increase, inlet & outlet ports are enlarged to 70mm for improved flow, with a pair of matched Boost Hoses included.

And, unlike most aftermarket intercoolers listed for the MQB 'Evo' platform, the RacingLine has been designed specifically for the 2.0 TSI Gen.4 from the ground-up, allowing us to optimise the packaging to enlarge volume to the absolute maximum.


  • At the heart of RacingLine's MQB 'Evo' intercooler unit is the 70mm deep high-speed core, using extra tall internal tubes for maximum boost flow and that massive 96% increase in volume versus the factory original.
  • Cast construction end tanks ensure minimal turbulence and restriction - using internal flow guides to divert airflow up and down across the entire core depth. To make the most of the core's airflow properties, enlarged 70mm inlet & outlets are incorporated into our design (versus 60mm for the OE cooler) and pair of matched enlarged-diameter Boost Hoses are supplied with each intercooler kit.
  • These Boost Hoses themselves are designed and built to our ultimate specification to cope with the demands placed upon them. They are reinforced, internally-wired, multi-ply construction to resist heat deformation and burst pressure, carefully moulded with internal steps to optimise laminar airflow through the hose transitions. Four high quality stainless steel Mikalor-brand clamps are included.
  • With a 70mm core-depth (vs 60-65mm for most other aftermarket intercoolers) and its giant internal volume, the RacingLine Intercooler makes a great difference in controlling IAT temperatures, meaning that your power increases keep on delivering, run after run.
  • The RacingLine Performance Intercooler has been developed without compromise to be the most sophisticated and effective intercooler package on the market, and an essential upgrade to any 2.0 TSI MQB 'Evo' car!
  • RacingLine Volume – 19,404,000mm³

  • OEM Volume – 9,895,200mm³



2.0 TSI MQB Evo / EA888 Gen 4 engines

  • VW Golf 8 GTI
  • VW Golf 8 R
  • Audi S3 8Y
  • Audi A3 2.0 TSI 8Y


Intercooler Fitment:

To accommodate the giant size of the RacingLine Intercooler, some light trimming of the black plastic radiator carrier is required.

This trimming is minimal on popular models such as the Golf mk8, but more may be required on some other MQB 'Evo' models.