Mk8 & S/RS Oil Sump Magnetic Drain Plug
Mk8 & S/RS Oil Sump Magnetic Drain Plug
Mk8 & S/RS Oil Sump Magnetic Drain Plug

Mk8 & S/RS Oil Sump Magnetic Drain Plug

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Our Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug is now available for the latest EA888 gen4 as used in the MK8 GTI/R as well as many S/RS performance engines. 

  • By attracting and separating out the minute abrasive and ferrous metal particles that are carried by the oil, it prevents them from circulating throughout your engine’s lubrication systems.
  • The harder your engine works, the greater the risk of nasty metallic debris, the greater the benefit of using a magnetic sump plug.
  • It's a lifetime-use plug - simply replace the O-ring at each service. Install couldn’t be simpler – insist on our new Magnetic Billet Sump Plug with your next oil-change and simply screw it in! 
  • CNC constructed from billet 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium with gloss-black anodised finish. Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug


What's in the kit:

The RacingLinee Magnetic Sump Plug is produced from T6061 lightweight aluminium and is anodised in our trademark gloss-black finish, and is supplied with a pack of 5 sealing washers included for your next five oil changes (additional packs of washers can be ordered separately). 



This RacingLine Magnetic Sump Plug fits all models with the following engines - most common applications listed below.

For reference: this plug replaces any engine with OE oil plug number N91167901.

2.0 TSI EA888 gen.4

VW Golf 8 GTI
VW Golf 8 R 
Audi A3/S3 8Y 



Audi RS3 2.5 TSI 8V.2
Audi TTRS 3 2.5 TFSI 8S

3.0 V6T EA839

Audi S4 B9/B9.5
Audi S5 B9/B9.5
Audi SQ5 2017+

2.9 V6TT EA839

Audi RS5 B9

4.0 V8TT EA824

Audi S6 / RS6 C8 4K 2018+
Audi S6 / RS6 C7 4G 2011-2018
Audi S7 / RS7 4K 2018+
Audi S7 / RS7 4G 2011-2018