MK8 Golf R / S3 8Y Power Control Module
MK8 Golf R / S3 8Y Power Control Module
MK8 Golf R / S3 8Y Power Control Module
MK8 Golf R / S3 8Y Power Control Module

MK8 Golf R / S3 8Y Power Control Module

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PCM is RacingLine's new tuning solution, developed exclusively for cars such as Golf mk8 GTI, Golf mk8 R, Audi S3 8Y.
PCM stands for ‘Power Control Module’ and is our way of bringing your new MQB 'EVO' car to life with more power and torque.

Easily installed, and easily removed at any time without a trace.


RacingLine's PCM controller is a leap forward for the latest MQB 'EVO' 2.0 TSI cars.

It's all about the 12 months of detailed development that's gone into PCM. The PCM itself is housed in a stunning billet aluminium case, finned to ensure effective cooling plus a beautiful carbon fibre mounting bracket to locate it securely on top of the battery. The full install kit includes a wiring loom made to the perfect length for the MQB 'EVO' cars.

And an instant power boost is only one of the advantages:

  • Power increases of up to 40HP and 60Nm with supporting RacingLine hardware versus the factory quoted outputs. 
  • Beautiful Drivability:  We’ve been developing and testing PCM for the 2.0 TSI EA888.4 engines for over a year now.
  • Free Upgrades:  The really neat part? Purchase your PCM from an OEM+ dealer, and when our OEM+ calibrations become available, you will get your upgrades for free.
  • Easy fit:  Just three easy connections into the wiring loom, and premade brackets for perfect, simple fitting.


How PCM works?

PCM runs our in-house calibration on a standalone PCB, operating in parallel with the factory ECU, allowing us to find the sweet spot for engine performance, drivability and safety. And of course, a valuable power and torque boost.


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