MK7 Golf 1.8TSI Sports Spring and Damper kit
MK7 Golf 1.8TSI Sports Spring and Damper kit

MK7 Golf 1.8TSI Sports Spring and Damper kit

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Product #VWR30G7ML

Give your MQB-platform car a whole new lease of life with our Sport Suspension upgrade. We've struck a ride & handling balance that matches the very best thoroughbred German performance cars - tight, perfectly controlled yet unmistakably sporty.

  • This kit combines the RacingLine Sport Damper kit with our carefully matched Sport Spring kit - combining two front and two rear Tri-Valve dampers with a set of 4 Sport Springs specific to your car type.
  • The kit will lower your car by around 15-25mm dependant on model, and provide a taught, controlled ride and handling balance.
  • Ride quality is just how a good hot-hatch should be. A little stiffer than factory, sure, but never crash or uncomfortable.
  • The addition of Nitrogen gas into the system eliminates oil foaming when the oil is hot, the main cause of shock fade. Our design limits the heat build-up internally ensuring the oil lasts longer.
  • The shock absorbers have a precisely matched damping curve to the VWR Sport Spring rate which are included with each kit. Compatible with any brand of anti-roll bars.
  • Longevity far exceeds OEM spec and many rival aftermarket dampers of similar value due to the higher quality oil used in the VWR Sport Dampers. 

** Will need to change OE spindles for 55mm spindles to fit this product **