Golf 7/8  Oil Cooler Kit
Golf 7/8  Oil Cooler Kit
Golf 7/8  Oil Cooler Kit
Golf 7/8  Oil Cooler Kit
Golf 7/8  Oil Cooler Kit
Golf 7/8  Oil Cooler Kit

Golf 7/8 Oil Cooler Kit

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Product # VWR18G700-ROW

Our much-anticipated Oil Cooler Kit is an essential fit for any hard-driven Golf 7 or 8 GTI/R and S3 running high power levels or in hot climates. It's a complete ready to install package, using a clever sandwich plate design for straightforward and reliable installation.

Adding power to these TSI engines generates more heat to disperse.  Significantly increased oil temperatures means only one thing: a decrease in the ability for your engine to stay properly lubricated. 

Under hard driving, the stock oil cooler is easily overwhelmed. Failures start to occur when oil cannot dissipate its collected heat fast enough and the oil begins to thin and degrade - losing its lubrication properties. The RacingLine kit solves this problem: by adding in an additional air to oil cooler positioned right in the airflow in the front of the car, oil temperatures are reduced by around 15  - 20   degrees centigrade (of course dependant on how the car is being used, ambient temps and state of tune).

  • Our kit retains the factory oil to water cooler and adds to it with the front-mounted cooler - doubling up your cooling capability with less heat transfer into the water system.
  • Our 10-row stacked plate design efficiently forces the hot oil through a series of aluminium pressed plates. Heat dissipates as cold air moves across the plates.
  • Our unique sandwich plate oil take-off includes a clever internal pressure-control valve control to direct oil flow through the cooler at correct flow/volume.
  • The kit includes a pretty special high-flowing oil filter. Made from stainless steel micronic filter cloth with magnetic pre-filtering, capable of flowing 5x more oil than the factory paper filter.  
  • The front-mount location brackets of the RacingLine cooler kit places it in the optimum airflow and ensures that oil temperature drops and excess heat is funnelled out efficiently.
Supplied as a complete kit with every part ready for straightforward install.

> VW Golf 8 GTI 2022+

> VW Golf 8 R 2022+

> VW Golf 7 & 7.5 GTI 2015-2021

> VW Golf 7 & 7.5 R 2016-2019

> VW Golf 7 & 7.5 1.8 TSI 2015-2019

> VW Passat 2.0 TSI B8 2015+

> VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 2017+

> VW Tiguan II 2.0 TSI 2016+

> VW Jetta / GLI 7 2018+


> Audi S3 8Y 2020+

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> Audi S3 8V 2015-2020

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