Differential Magnetic Plug Set
Differential Magnetic Plug Set
Differential Magnetic Plug Set

Differential Magnetic Plug Set

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Product # VWR180003

Our new Magnetic Differential Sump Plug set attracts and separates out the minute abrasive and ferrous metal particles that are carried by the oil, stopping them circulating through your diff's lubrication system. 

Whether you've got an MQB Haldex AWD car, or a FWD car with the 'VAQ' electronic front differential, you've got differentials and transfer boxes working hard underneath you.

The harder you use your car, the higher your power, the greater the risk of minute metallic debris and the greater the benefit of using this Magnetic Differential Sump Plug set.The Magnetic Differential Sump Plug traps and removes those microscopic metal particles from your diff's lubricating oil.
Install couldn’t be simpler – choose our Magnetic Differential Sump Plug set with your next oil-change and simply screw the new plugs in! 

*Kit includes Differential Magnetic Oil drain plug & Non-Magnetic Differential Oil Refill Plug and comes with 10 washers, enough for 5 services.

What does my car need?
  • For FWD cars with the 'Performance Pack' VAQ Electronic Locking Diff only, a single set fits the Front Differential. 
  • For all AWD MQB cars (which use the Haldex 4 wheel drive system), you can fit two sets of plugs. One in the front AWD Transfer Box plus another set for the Rear Differential.