Billet Gear Shift Knob
Billet Gear Shift Knob
Billet Gear Shift Knob
Billet Gear Shift Knob

Billet Gear Shift Knob

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Not only does our new billet, heavyweight Gear Shift Knob look great in your car, but it also adds a bit of function too. With its solid billet construction and added weight, your gearchanges become smoother and faster.

  • Weighing in at approximately 300 grams / 10.5 oz, the added inertial mass makes shifting effort substantially less while speeding up the process at the same time.
  • Each knob starts life as a solid billet of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminium. 

    Meticulously machined with the latest CNC 5-axis technology. Polished, then gloss-anodised Midnight Black to stay beautiful year after year.

  • Utilising a modular threaded insert design this shift knob is compatible with many applications (although some earlier cars require the shaft to be cut down).

Your choice of top: two die-cast 'coins' are provided with the gear shift knob. An R-bar logo option or conventional 6-speed shift pattern.


This gear knob fits these MQB & MQB 'EVO' 6-speed manual transmission vehicles with no modification: 

  • MK8 Golfs
  • MK7/7.5 Golfs
  • Arteon
  • S3/A3 8Y
  • S3/A3 8V

This gear knob fits the following 6-speed manual transmission vehicles but requires the gearlever shaft to be cut down by approx 50mm / 2 inches: 

  • MK5 Golfs
  • MK6 Golfs
  • MK5 Jetta/GLI
  • MK6 Jetta/GLI
  • MK7 Jetta/GLI
  • A3 8P