2.5 TFSI Billet Oil Dipstick
2.5 TFSI Billet Oil Dipstick
2.5 TFSI Billet Oil Dipstick
2.5 TFSI Billet Oil Dipstick
2.5 TFSI Billet Oil Dipstick

2.5 TFSI Billet Oil Dipstick

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At last! A proper solution to avoid the well-documented 2.5 TFSI snapped dipstick issue. RacingLine's beautiful Billet Dipstick replaces the cheap plastic of the original to making checking your oil level a pleasure. Not only does it look great in the engine bay but is also massively stronger than the original. Upgrade your factory one before it breaks off!

Unfortunately, the factory plastic dipstick in the 2.5 TFSI EA885 is notorious for the handle snapping off as you try to pull it out. With the temperature cycles from extreme heat to cold, it's no wonder that the plastic handle eventually goes brittle and fails.

The new RacingLine Billet Dipstick for all the 2.5 TFSI Evo engines is the solution. It replaces the cheap plastic original, giving not just a beautiful appearance in the engine bay, but also a vastly stronger high quality replacement. Checking your oil level has never been so pleasing!

Meanwhile, the handle itself is meticulously CNC-machined before being hand-polished, then gloss-anodised in Midnight Black to stay beautiful year after year. A high-quality viton rubber o-ring will prevent the risk of any oil leakage.


*Please note: Audi have updated the dipstick design and length from around mid-year 2023 on the 2.5 TFSI engines (DXHA).This means that the popular RacingLine Billet Oil Dipstick does not fit on 2.5 TFSI cars built during second-half of 2023 and all 2024 onwards. A new RacingLine version is in development now for those cars.

To verify, the part numbers of the factory dipstick are as follows:

2017 - 2023:  07K 115 611 Q : Fitment confirmed

2023 onwards:   07K 115 611 R : No fitment


FITS: Engine codes: DAZA, DAZC, DNWA, DXHA

Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI 8V.2

Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI 8Y

Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI 8S

Note - not applicable for previous versions of the 2.5 TFSI engine.