R600 Coolant Underhose
R600 Coolant Underhose

R600 Coolant Underhose

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Our R600 Coolant Underhose reroutes the ugly factory hose underneath your beautiful intake for a much cleaner look for all MK7-7.5 EA888 Gen 3 / Gen 3B engines and the new EA888 Gen 4 engine (MK8 Golf R / S3 8Y)

  • Factory one-way valve incorporated, just like the original; don't run your car without this valve!
  • Reinforced 4-ply reinforced silicone to withstand the high pressures of the coolant system
  • Inner Fluro lining to be compatible with G12 and G13 coolant fluid used on MQB cars
  • Temperature-resistant premium grade silicone rubber will exceed any possible coolant temperatures and keep its rigidity
NOTE: this part may fit with other-brand intakes, but RacingLine gives no guarantee of suitability
MK7-7.5 1.8TSI / Sportwagen
MK7-7.5 GTI
MK7-7.5 Golf R
MK8 Golf R
S3 8V
S3 8Y